Running Thought

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While running this morning, a question occurred to me – will I ever run another marathon?

Not trying to be dramatic, two concerns stewed behind my question.  First, the future of the COVID-19 is uncertain. But, most Fall marathons are canceled. And there is a talk of a second wave (of the pandemic). What will happen next year is anybody’s guess.

As marathon is a race of endurance, getting ready takes time to build stamina and speed.  It’s not something to jump in at a drop of a hat.  At least not for me. My marathon training entails 20 weeks and 700+ miles.  So I take the decision seriously.

Surely, the pandemic will not last forever (neither will I).  Its vaccines are going through human clinical trials right now and will likely become available next year (2021).  And I am confident that marathon races will resume. The only question is will I be able & willing?

Just about then, the dark clouds overhead started to let loose. The light drizzle was a nice way to cool off the morning heat for the remainder of my run.  It also made me realize I did not have to answer the question right now.

How will the pandemic impact your life?

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