Grocery Store Run & COVID-19

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Needed to get some ripen-sweet bananas from the grocery store today. Normally, an in-and-out, no more than a 5 minutes errand. That was before the COVID-19.

Now, with the local pandemic cases still on the rise, an order is in effect requiring folks to wear “face covering” in public spaces when social distancing can not be maintained.  Grocery stores included. So before stepping out of my car, I first put on my mask – a task unfathomable a couple months ago.

Don’t get me wrong.  I understand and agree with the order. Who knows where other people have been.  Asymptomatic or not.  The mask protects them and me from each other. It has become part of my fashion statement, along with my longer hair which is a throw back  to my younger years.

In addition, I wear a pair of disposable gloves in the store. Just to be safe.  You never know where others’ hands have touched.  All I needed toady are yellow bananas. Not the virus. All good, except the store was out of ripen bananas, only the green ones . . .

So as you probably guessed, I ended up going to another store, went through the same exercise again, and spent way more than 5 minutes getting the bananas.

How has your life been affected by the COVID-19?

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2 Responses to Grocery Store Run & COVID-19

  1. earthskyair says:

    Aargh! Going to the store has turned into a production, hasn’t it? But I hear you on bananas – it’s a crisis when you’re out of ripe ones. 🍌

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  2. terryshen says:

    In term of production, yes, it has, especially when you include all the extra cleanings.


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