Trust Me?

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“Trust me” are two words easy to utter but difficult to achieve.  Ronald Reagan’s “trust but verify” imparts the reality and the tenuous nature of such request. Why?  Because trust is a foundational value that can make or break any relationship.

In a previous posting, I gave the scenario of two co-workers who disliked each other but became buddies after a falling out.  What happened?  What caused their relationship to become trusting?

The answer is the “falling out” revealed their true feelings towards one another.  The transactions and emotional releases made deposits into their relationship.  In other word, reciprocity.  Trust is built through verified reciprocal actions.

I want to complete this part 2 of the original posting because 1) it took me some time to think about the “answer,” and 2) I promised it to be continued.  It is now verifiable, in the event anyone reads the first posting.

Can you think of other answers for the co-workers scenario?


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