On Judging

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Judging is unavoidable.  We judge everything around us to get our bearings.  Whether it’s in relation to other people, things, places. etc.  No problem.  Often it is our reaction to the judging that can wreak havoc.

Say someone is driving a better car than mine.  (Note “better” is a judging term.)  I can leave it there (neutral) or get motivated to work harder so I can have a better car (positive) or be jealousy and resent the other person (negative).

Moreover, the surer I am about my judgement, the stronger my bias sets in.  If I judge that I know fully about a topic, there is nothing more others can inform me.  For example, who knows me better I?  Right?

Danger! Danger! Danger!

The red flag inside should have gone up.  This kind of judgement shuts down one’s willingness to be open to others’ inputs, feelings, and perspectives.  This is where I have noted about myself.  Not in the moment but through meditating on those feelings.

And lastly, to be clear, reacting based on a protected class is segregation and illegal in the US.  However that does not stop racism from raring its ugly head.


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