Self Awareness?

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Being self aware is easier said than done.

I know this first hand.

Older I become, more trapped I am to my habits.

Because life has plenty of distractions.

More reasons for self awareness?

Better get back to my meditation.

How are you coping with life?

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2 Responses to Self Awareness?

  1. earthskyair says:

    It is so easy to abandon ourselves while we deal with all the distractions. You are reminding me again that getting back to yoga would be a good thing, plus, I should really step up my game on running/walking. Running, for me, is really the best meditation out there – or in there, as the case may be. The last few months seems like all my healthy habits sort of got a little scattered, a little less disciplined. Need to reset. Thanks for reminding me! 🌷

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