Week In Review – 21 Jun 2020

For the past 100 days, we have been living in the shadow of the COVID-19.  It feels surreal. The period is filled with contemplation, reflections and unsettled emotions while I stayed at home for social distancing.

“Surreal” because we are living history.  The numbers in US (Worldwide) tells the story.  To date, number of people infected are 2.3M (9M), died 122K (468K), and recovered 975K (4.8M).   And, the pandemic is going strong.

Meanwhile, policing the traditional frontline of authority, law, and order, has been turned on its head.  Public outcries of police brutality and racial discrimination remind us certain parts of our society is still not free. Any trust in policing, and the criminal justice system behind it, has to be rebuilt.

Likewise, the country is more divided than ever.  All these unsettling emotions are reasons for my angst. With the man in the White House amplifying the negative characters we have, I had to remind myself this is not time to panic.

If there is a silver lining to all these, it’s the opportunity to increase my home practices of yoga and meditation.  Both serve me well for my self awareness and reaction to judging in the long road ahead.

Stay safe & have a nice week

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