COVID-19 Summer

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Rumbling thunders and heavy air usher in the typical Washington summer.  Along with it, the Trump White House is ladened with growing defiance against the president from former employees and officials, and coronavirus is spreading rampant both domestically and overseas.

Instead of the “second wave” in the Fall, experts are now describing the spread of this pandemic more like a wildfire.  Meaning it will continue to spread whenever and wherever.  Social distancing has worked but not sufficient for the long haul.

With states rushing to re-opened (from the lockdowns) and families taking their summer vacations, this combination has sparked a surge in the US infection cases.  Hospital capacity is once again a concern. (The exact reason for social distancing in the first place).

The difficulty seems to lie in the transition as in how to get through this pandemic.  Without a clear path, people are grasping at straws and hoping for a better outcome.  Sure, who does not yearn for the “good old days,” but hanging onto the past is no way to get there.

How are you preparing for the summer?

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6 Responses to COVID-19 Summer

  1. swosei12blog says:

    In NYC, we just entered our phase 2 of reopening. Not sure if we are ready just yet.


  2. earthskyair says:

    We are clearly just finding our way. I think the best thing we can do is simply to live healthy. Be well, Terry! 🌷

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