COVID-19 Fees?

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If you haven’t heard or experienced it, some local businesses are charging additional fees to defray their costs of operating in the pandemic era. Below is an example from the Fox News:

“To help offset restrictions on our business resulting from the COVID19 crisis, a 4% surcharge has been added to all guest checks.”

Should the subject fees be part of costs of doing business? Or are they legit add-on’s?  I have been thinking about how would businesses like airlines, hotels, restaurants recover?  Clearly what is lost is, like water under the bridge, gone.

Now going forward.  Do they pass on the COVID-19 related expenses to their customers as the example illustrates? If so, how much? Or do they promote sales and discounts to woo their customers back?

It is a tough decision. Particularly, the small businesses during the shutdown and now the re-opening. I am sympathetic to their predicament. When I finally got my haircut after months of waiting, I tipped my barber generously for exactly that reason. (she was charging the regular price).

But the difference is I did so voluntarily.

What are your thoughts on the fees?

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2 Responses to COVID-19 Fees?

  1. earthskyair says:

    This is so tough. I know folks who lost their small business due to lockdown. Others who relied on charity to survive. Small businesses are the ones who really paid the price from the lockdowns while big box outfits made bank. And they will likely continue to suffer reduced income at least for a while. Tough situation. 🌷


    • terryshen says:

      Agree. I think one advantage that small businesses have over the bigbox outfits is their attention to customer experience. Over the long run that‘s what will win them customer. Manage cashflow by cutting costs but not servies.

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