Mask Or No Mask? That Is Not The Question

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Are Americans taking the COVID-19 seriously, I wonder?  If so, why would there even be a debate on whether to wear mask during the pandemic to protect oneself and others from the virus?

According to the Washington Post, mayors of nine largest cities in Texas are pleading with their residents to wear masks. Apparently, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has issued an executive order barring punishments for not wearing a mask. The governor is confusing  negative liberty with pubic health.

Worldwide, 150,000 new cases was recorded last Thursday (6/19), the largest rise in a single day according to the World Health Organization.  Closer to home, “case numbers hit record highs Friday in Florida, Arizona, Nevada and South Carolina as infections continue to surge in the South and West.”

The root cause that contributes to the debate is a lack of leadership. Not just in Texas but the entire country.  To wit the White House Coronavirus Task Forces is retreating from the public view.  Why? Because Mr. Trump wants to focus not on the COVID-19 but his re-election in November.

The real question is are you going to listen to the politicians or your conscious?     


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