Not Too Late To Think About November

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The 50th New York City Marathon scheduled for 1 Nov 2020 is canceled after the Boston Marathon which was first postponed from this April to September.  Both are major marathons.  Meaning they host 30 to 50 thousands and upward number of runners.

Given the COVID-19 progress, the cancellation makes sense to me.

Yesterday, US has recorded its highest number of COVID-19 infection cases (36,880) in a single day (source: New York Times). This is partly due to the increased testings. But the infection is surging for real.  Texas the first state to re-open is now pausing that decision.

What does not make sense is the in-person political campaign rallies.

The Trump campaign found that out the hard way in Tulsa. More importantly with the general election in November, prudent choice seems to be vote-by-mail as a safer option. Click here to see what your state is planning.

What do you think will happen in Nov election? 

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2 Responses to Not Too Late To Think About November

  1. OmniRunner says:

    The current president was elected when the party had atleast 10 better choices. And people stayed home because they didn’t like their choices.
    If that happens again the little orange man will be returned to the white house.


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