Black Lives Matter & COVID-19- Coincident?

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the prevailing movement of Black Lives Matter and the COVID-19 outbreak.  Both are impacting people’s life: one as a social movement and the other a natural disaster.

The BLM is changing the tide of public perception and opinion regarding police brutality and racial discrimination – a lingering reality for far too long.  And the COVID-19 is continuing to spread to new heights.

The timing of both may appear coincidental, but I think there are more to meets the eyes.  Namely hidden connection exists between the two (after all both deal with our life). And the connection is our social trust (or lack of it).

You see, without social trust, social distancing in fighting the COVID-19 will not work. And the same applies to policing reform. And right now, social trust is a precious commodity in America.

What thoughts do you have on re-building the social trust?
















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