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Self Awareness?

  Being self aware is easier said than done. I know this first hand. Older I become, more trapped I am to my habits. Because life has plenty of distractions. More reasons for self awareness? Better get back to my … Continue reading

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On Judging

  Judging is unavoidable.  We judge everything around us to get our bearings.  Whether it’s in relation to other people, things, places. etc.  No problem.  Often it is our reaction to the judging that can wreak havoc. Say someone is … Continue reading

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No Time To Panic

  In time of darkness, when you can’t even  spot your own fingers, and all the hopes are gone, this is not the time to panic. Despite the future unknown, the solution nowhere to be found, and the walls closing … Continue reading

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Trust Me?

  “Trust me” are two words easy to utter but difficult to achieve.  Ronald Reagan’s “trust but verify” imparts the reality and the tenuous nature of such request. Why?  Because trust is a foundational value that can make or break … Continue reading

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Effective Policing

  With policing in the limelight, lots of voices on its reform are being raised.  Emotions aside, how many people understand what policing is about?  If any area of policing is to be de-funded, what is the impact to the … Continue reading

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We are the United States

  We are the United States.  Repeat the phrase a few more times, trying to convince myself that it is not an oxymoron.  Yes, we are the United States. Instead of embracing diversity, racial discrimination is ripping us apart.  Has … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 14 Jun 2020

Adversity seems an appropriate word to describe the time we are facing – pandemic, social unrest, and economic downturn.  It affects us all. Be it a social movement like the George Floyd Protest or simply a grocery store run. But … Continue reading

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Social Movement Vs Natural Disaster

  The death of George Floyd has ignited a wide spread of anti-racist protests not only in the U.S. but also around the world.   It gives a much needed lift to the Black Lives Matter movement that was founded seven … Continue reading

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Grocery Store Run & COVID-19

  Needed to get some ripen-sweet bananas from the grocery store today. Normally, an in-and-out, no more than a 5 minutes errand. That was before the COVID-19. Now, with the local pandemic cases still on the rise, an order is … Continue reading

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Running Thought

  While running this morning, a question occurred to me – will I ever run another marathon? Not trying to be dramatic, two concerns stewed behind my question.  First, the future of the COVID-19 is uncertain. But, most Fall marathons … Continue reading

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