Re-open Schools?

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Should the schools be re-open? The answer is unequivocally yes. But the real question is not whether the schools be re-opened but when?

The same applies to businesses, communities, and other areas of public interests. Given no vaccine or therapeutic available in the foreseeable future, how can public places be open safely?  The decision at hand is really a risk management process during the outbreak.

And the White House in conjunction with the CDC has published the guidelines on what criteria are considered safe for individuals, employers, and vulnerable population during each of the phases. Prudent to follow these guidelines and not rush into re-opening.

Unfortunately, Mr. Trump does not follow prudent advice. He wants the schools re-opened in the fall (he believes it will help his standing in the November presidential election). Similar mistake were made on the states’ reopening. Many of which are now halting that decision due to resurgence of the infected cases.

Arne Duncan, the former secretary of education under President Barack Obama, characterized it best about Mr. Trump’s style: “threatening people, bullying them, lying doesn’t stop the virus from spreading.”  If only Mr. Trump would listen.

Do you think your state and local governments are ready to reopen the schools?

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