Summer Rant

My outdoor thermometer

The temperature has been consistently above 90 degree Fahrenheit for the past week or so. (Above is an actual shot of my outdoor thermometer from today). And on top of that, the  humidity or more precisely the dew point can make the weather sweltering hot.

For my runs, I have been getting out earlier to take advantage of the cooler morning air.  Nevertheless, the heat has made running more challenging.  It is a good thing that I am doing only maintenance runs and not in training for any marathon.

Besides hydrating myself, ice creams has been my favorite go-to’s comfort food to quell the steaming heat.  And of course it shows around my waist.  Worst of it all, there is still August and September to endure before the cooler temperature graces the nation’s capital.

Lastly, thanks to the COVID-19, the usual going to the malls, movies, or other treats are off the table. And I am not ready to head for the pools just yet.

What are you doing to stay cool in the summer?

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