Anarchy In America?

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Anarchy? Sure looks and sounds that way if you listen to Mr. Trump. Yes, protests of racial based policing have been spreading across the country. But on the other hand, freedom of speech and assembly are guaranteed rights protected by the US Constitution.

Why then would Mr. Trump feel compelled to send in federal law enforcement agents into Portland, Oregon to arrest the peaceful protesters?  This move is so buzzard, even the the Mayor of Portland objects the federal presence:

Their presence is actually leading to more violence and more vandalism and it’s not helping the situation at all. They’re not wanted here.  ~Ted Wheeler, Mayor

The anarchy if any seems to be in Mr. Trump’s head.  You see, time is running out for him.  With less than three months before the November presidential election, Trump is desperately trying to shift the blame from himself.

And anarchy is as good a boogieman as any to try to shift the public attention.  By the way, Portland is not the only target.  Mr. Trump has threatened to send his federal Calvary into other cities like Chicago and New York that are Democrat leaning.

Do you think there is anarchy in America or Mr. Trump getting desperate?

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2 Responses to Anarchy In America?

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I’ve resisted saying this on social media but there is a video on FB that mentioned it all ready.
    The reason that we have the 2nd amendment is to defend against the president sending Federal troops to oppress the public and impose their will.
    These people had just fought a war against a tyrant and feared standing armies.
    I’m glad that none of the 2nd amendment enthusiasts understand this and stayed home.


    • terryshen says:

      Hi Andy, social activism takes many forms. And people have the right to redress their concerns. Having said that non-violent protest requires discipline. Vioence can flare up when folks get emotional. In any cases, the government has to be impartial in its operation and objective. Bad happens when it is being used for persaonal gain and to score political points. Thanks for sharing your comments.


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