Appreciating The Little Things

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“It’s the little things that count” as the saying goes. Whether it’s the cheerful tone in the voice, the extra bounce in the step, or other inconceivable efforts, they all add up to making a lasting impression.

Recently, after the shelter-in-place order for the coronavirus was relaxed, I called different offices searching for a new dentist. Unlike other business services, dental practices are  notorious in being selective about whom they take as patients.

And frankly, so am I as a consumer picking my dentist.  I have had lots of dental work done inside of my mouth over the years and am particularly keen in hanging on to any tooth I have for as long as I live. Finding a good dentist is part of that equation.

On the other end of the line came a voice.  Instead of “this is so and so office, could you hold please?” a cheerful voice greeted me.  The office person not only answered my inquiries succinctly but also offered helpful options regarding my insurance.

Right away, I decided to go with that office. What I experienced over the phone might had been standard procedures for the office, but I was impressed by the individual’s attention to details, personable approach, and helpfulness. All the little things that make big differences to me.

What “little things” do you appreciate? 



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