Clear As Mud?

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Wouldn’t it be nice when every question has an answer?

And in life everything does have an answer. It just that some takes me a while to figure out. In those unfortunate situations which I called them “clear as mud,” the worst of me could happen: frustration sets in, wallow in my misery, and give up.

After banging my head on the wall enough times, I learned to recognize the futility of my ineffective action in those “clear as mud” situations.  A better outcome for me is to create a clarity for myself.  I called this creation through intention.  Here is how it works.

When the situation is uncertain with no clear outcome, I set my intention to achieve XYZ.  This approach may not be as eloquent as the visionary who begins with a clear end in mind.  But given I don’t have the vision, the XYZ will have to do.  It is better than nothing or frustration.

The intended XYZ serves as a guidepost for my efforts during the time being.  Often, after priming the pump, my creativity juice starts to flow.  And the ultimate solution comes to mind at the end.

Don’t get me wrong it is wonderful if the clarity happens right away.  I have no problem in that scenario. I can handle it when things just flow. Viola. Life is good. Only when the clear-as-mud drops in, I provide my own clarity.

Have you had “fake until you make it” experience? How well did it work?

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