Money Buys Happiness?

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Don’t believe what others said about “money can’t buy happiness.”  It sure can, if you use the money well.  Want to know how? Read on.

In her article titled “how to spend money to squeeze more joy out of life,” writer Laura Entis explains that money in and of itself does not guarantee happiness. But by spending it strategically, one can use the money effectively to “buy” happiness.  Here are some ways to do it:

Buy Time

We all have tasks that do not tickle our fancy or are downright unpleasant.  These tasks are ideal candidates for outsourcing.  I have seasonal allergies to grass and tree pollen. When cutting grass, I used to wear mask (before the COVID-19) for this unpleasant task every two weeks.

Now, I hire a landscape contractor for the task.  Not only this frees me up from the unpleasant chore, my lawn looks better manicured by the professional and equipment.  And I get to spend my time on other more enjoyable things.

Buy Experience

Like many regular Do-It-Yourself persons, I like to take care of my home or cars myself.  Besides the unpleasant tasks mentioned above, I do run into problems where I simply lack the knowledge on the how-to’s.

Yes, Youtube has been a great source. But it does not cover everything.  And I readily admit certain tasks are beyond my experience.  Case in point being the mouses in my attic.  I had no clue as how they got in and what to use to get rid of them safely before they invade my food pantry.

So I hired a rodent specialist and followed him around.  Learned about the critters’ points of entry, where to place traps, and best of all, a guaranty to rid of them. So I can sleep soundly at night.   A good investment in the long run.

Buy Good Will

The community we in always needs charitable donations to guard against financial insecurity or lack of basic necessities, such as food and shelter.  In situations like the COVID-19 pandemic, many less fortunate fall on hard time. And the needs more acute.

Money donated to charitable causes is an efficient way to strengthen social safety nets, ameliorate negative effects, and serve as critical gap fillers.  A win-win that will foster fulfilling experience, relationship, and a sense of community.

What other ways can you buy happiness with money?

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1 Response to Money Buys Happiness?

  1. swosei12blog says:

    I know the saying is ‘money can’t buy happiness’. To that, I said it can’t buy happiness, but it can get you close. 😉

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