To Be Or Not To Be

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The verb “be” is simple and yet hard to do.  Be yourself, be the best, be brave, etc., we are tempted constantly by our surroundings. Simply “be” is sometime the hardest act to follow. This is where I give Mr. Trump the credit for being himself.  Whether I like him or not is besides the point.

The temperature was 84 degree (Fahrenheit) when I checked before heading out for my run.  “That is hot” I said to myself.  I sensed a tinge of hesitation in that voice.  And “the perceived effort will be challenging,” the voice persisted.  “Well, I will just have to take it easy, one step at a time” was my ultimate reply.

I am glad for my decision (and usually the case after most my runs). It turned out the sky was blissfully cloud-covered with a breeze that made the temperature more bearable.  When I chanced upon shades along my route, they made my run nicer and my perceived effort not as bad.

Self talked lately?

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