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Life’s Balancing Act

; Navigating through life means a perpetual balancing of one’s foci, and by extension what to let go.  We all know we can’t control everything.  By focusing on what we want & where we want to go, we leave the … Continue reading

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WeekIn Review – 30 Aug 2020

As the August near its end, safe to say that this summer  has been unlike all others.  Instead of the usual family vacation, traveling or other fun activities, most folks are relegated to stay-at-home and wondering when will the pandemic … Continue reading

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The Dilemma Of Social Distancing

  The World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommend social distancing as one of the three measures, along with hand hygiene and face mask, in preventing the Coronavirus.  Social distancing is necessary because we have little … Continue reading

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The Hatch Act

  Every federal employee knows or should know the Hatch Act. In essence the Hatch Act prohibits federal employees from mixing business with Politics (Capital P for political activities involving Elections).  Agencies would go out their way to avoid even … Continue reading

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2020 Republican National Convention (aka The Donald Trump Show)

  Tonight is the grand finale for the 4-day  Republican National Convention, and Donald Trump is expected to accept the party’s nomination to be its candidate for the Presidential Election in November. The election is 68 days away. Mr. Trump … Continue reading

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The Lost Summer

As August winds down, the cicadas chorus is a reminder that the end of summer is drawing near.  However this is a summer without much fun.  Pools, parks, and beaches, are closed along with other leisure spaces, to prevent social … Continue reading

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Frequent Flyer

  The term “frequent flyer” has all but faded into background of our social consciousness. Thanks to the Coronavirus. Nobody is flying much with the pandemic spreading to 213 countries and territories around the world.  Let alone flying frequently. A  … Continue reading

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Are You Good At Listening?

  I like to think that I am. At least when I am focused.  Trouble is that last part is not always a given. Good listening takes skill, energy, and practice. Not just because I am interested. Skill – in … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 23 Aug 2020

With 72 days to go, the US presidential election is kicking into high gears with the Democratic National Convention this week.  Joe Biden accepted the party’s nomination along with his running mate Kamala Harris.  Republican’s is next week. Biden made … Continue reading

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The “Most Important” Job Interview

  A presidential election is the world’s most important job interview. ~ Bill Clinton, 2020 Democratic National Convention Joe Biden did a good job Thursday with his acceptance speech.  Now Donald Trump has his chance next week at the Republican … Continue reading

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