What Are My Weaknesses?

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No one is perfect.  Certainly I am not. When it comes to answering the question of “what are my weaknesses?” I confess that it is a difficult question for me to answer.

A little background: as a project manager, I had a team of both government employees and support contractors executing a multi-million dollars contract.  With 30 plus years of experiences,  the technical side of the job such as scheduling, planning, technical review, etc. was my strengths.

But for weaknesses, I got a little tongue tied.  Sure I had my blind spots. What I could gather from a feedback survey indicated that I: 1) cared too much about others’ feeling, 2) was not politically correct, and 3) was not observant about politics.  Allow me to elaborate.

Cared too much about how others feel – it seemed I didn’t prescribe to the efficiency model of managing people. I tended to take my time with my team members (maybe too much time?) and allowed as much space as I could for them to operate.

Not politically correct – I wore my opinions on my sleeve.  In other words, I didn’t hide what’s on my mind. If I had a reservation about something, it would clearly show like an open book.  This could be a detriment in circumstances that involved political correctness.

Not observant about politics – organizational politics was not my favorite. I believed in merit promotion. And I found it difficult justifying political decisions, particularly the ones that I disagreed.

Not trying to paint lipstick on a pig.  But are there better ways to articulate these weaknesses? 

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2 Responses to What Are My Weaknesses?

  1. SPITLOGIC says:

    Sure. I guess you want to improve yourself in every aspect and that includes what you do at work. For you as a manager I think that some of the weaknesses can be na issue, but my observation has always been “what is the effect?” I think its one thing if your weaknesses hindered production or sabotaged a project, but if they are personality disputes then I think they should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Also, I hate when people say “care too much.” Like caring less is better?


    • terryshen says:

      Your comment is spot on. I use the feedback to improve my effectiveness. And I do think my work style is integrally tied to my personality. Whether that suits the management or not. In general, we work from our strengths and not our weaknesses. I am better at articulating my strengths. But to understand my own weaknesses is something I reflect on during the pandemic stay-at-home. Thank you for your comments.


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