Covid-19 And The Election

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Mention the year 2020, I get sighs and shaking heads, among other visceral negative reactions.  The reason? You guessed it – it’s the year that Coronavirus barged into our life and etched a permanent memory that will hunt us for a long while.

Be that as it may, another event will happen in November and is inextricably tied to the pandemic – the US presidential election. On November 3 voters will cast their choices, either in-person or by mail, and write the history, in 87 days.

I am no political analyst.  Nor am I going to predict who will be the tenant in the White House next.  Plenty of pundits will do that honor. I on the other hand have declined to be a poll worker for this election.  A job I had proudly served in last three election cycles.

Why the change of heart? In case you wondered – the answer is Coronavirus. Even with mask, social distancing, and personal protective equipment, I believe staying indoor, being in contact with lots of people for 12+ hours is a unnecessary risk. And one I rather avoid.

Would you vote in-person? or by mail (if available)?

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3 Responses to Covid-19 And The Election

  1. SPITLOGIC says:

    I’m still contemplating if I will vote at all. Not a fan of my options. Still, I would feel more comfortable participating in the process (or even volunteering) if there were guarantees for safety, but we have done such a horrible job with this pandemic I doubt any attempts would be effective.

    This is a great opportunity to explore online voting.


  2. OmniRunner says:

    I love going to the polling station and voting. The whole ritual of it and seeing everyone.
    But, this year I am voting by mail in both the primary and general election.
    I trust our local officials, but I am dropping of my card asking for mail in ballots at the mailbox at city hall.
    I think people need to vote in the local primaries even if there is only one uncontested race. This is how people can verify that they are registered and know where to vote.
    This will help eliminate any confusion or problems on election day.
    In my 20s I was taken off of the voting list because I did not vote in the recent primary and my roommates and I did not respond to the state census. I was shocked and have a 90% or better voting record ever since.
    I also fill out the state census form each time also.


  3. terryshen says:

    Democracy is precious. We often taken it, same as voting, for granted. Solutions are out there whether in-person, by mail, or online. Certainly each has its flaws, but that is okay as the world is not perfect. To make the process better requires (domestic) participations. Thanks for the comment.


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