On Being Useful

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Surely, no one wants to be useless.   But how to be useful, on the other hand, is not as intuitive as it sounds. What do people want or more precisely need?  And how can one deliver the solution? Matching capabilities with needs is an acquired skill.

As a parent, I care for my children by tending to their needs. As a spouse, I provide for my wife through companionship. And as a community citizen, I volunteer for community services at my homeowners association.  Straight forward, right?

As time marches on, the needs evolve.  My children are now old enough to drive and no longer need me to drive them around.  Important to frame the need in the eyes of the beholder. How to be useful largely depends on whom is being served.

After I retired, being useful takes on another level of meaning for me.  Instead of writing myself off as all washed up and can’t serve, I look inward. Besides volunteering and serving others, I find calling in the important and yet often neglected need of self care.

Matching capabilities with needs.  Regardless whom you serve, find that niche, and fill it.

Do you find yourself being useful? 

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