Writing With A Purpose?

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How do I want my readers to feel?  An interesting question.  Never thought about it. I always write from my vantage point.  The message that I want to convey and share publicly at the WordPress.com are mine.  But what do my readers feel?  Hmm . . .

Surely from the readers’ perspective, they are looking for something: information, insight, relief, affirmation, or something else. And I would be a liar to say that I know what they want.  But the question is how do I want my readers to feel.  What is my intention?

Honestly, my goal is to share in my postings what I believe.  Be it running, yoga, meditation, life, and whatnot.  And if they resonate with someone, glad for the chance to connect and share.  Otherwise, appreciate the chance encounter.  That is my answer.

What is your answer?


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3 Responses to Writing With A Purpose?

  1. SPITLOGIC says:

    I’ve not really given it much thought. I think this is more for me than for anyone who reads this. I’m here to read from other blogs, like, and comment. If something I post can have a positive effect on someone, that would be great.

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