Faux Commander In Chief

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Calling fallen soldiers who gave their lives to protect this country “losers,” “babies,” and “suckers” is way beyond decency even if one does not understand what motivated the soldiers.  Especially when that person is the President, the Commander In Chief.

Incredible as it may sound, that is what Mr. Trump said about our military men and women.  Odd enough Mr. Trump demands loyalty from people working for him. Little does he know that loyalty goes both ways. Unless of course, you’re the royalty.

Does this president think of his administration as a reality television show? That he can fire people like The Apprentice? That he can pick and choose the scripts to his convenience and belittle all others?

I don’t know about you, but I find Mr. Trump’s words indignant, offensive, and conduct unfit to lead as our Commander In Chief.

Can loyalty be demanded?

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