Independent Voters United?

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Fifty-five days to the general election. Do you know whom are you going to vote for? The picture may be more complex than it appears. Or maybe not. Especially when it comes to the independent voters.

In terms of percentage voters, Gallup poll packs Republicans at mid-twenties, Democrats at low thirties, and rest are Independents at low forties in the beginning of August. And these numbers are fairly consistent trending since the 2016 election and prior.

However it would be a wrong conclusion to treat the Independents as political unicorns  – thinking that they will elect someone other than the Republican nor Democratic nominees. Why?  Study suggests that Independent is more a placeholder for the undecided, undeclared, and Third Party voters.

Undecided – are people who wait until the last minute to make up their mind. But the choices are among the establishment party candidates.

Undeclared – are people who know whom they will vote for but withhold that information prior to the election. Because they can be above the frays. Sort to speak.

Third party – are the Libertarians, Socialists, Green Party, etc. True independents if you will. But their numbers are low (in the single digit of low double digits).

Do you agree that the Independents are more a label than true political affiliation? 

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2 Responses to Independent Voters United?

  1. SPITLOGIC says:

    I consider myself independent. I have only voted in the major party twice in my lifetime and I’ve been voting since 2000. The majority of people I know are independent though they tend to lean Democrat. I think more important than so-called independent voters are the number of people that don’t vote. That number is upwards around 70-80%.


    • terryshen says:

      Yes indeed. When such high percentage of folks do not vote, our representative government loses its usefulness and legitmacy. Be the change you want to see in the world. Hope you will consider voting this Nov. Thanks for your comments.

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