Goodbye POTS!

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My plain old telephone System (POTS) is gone. Technically, it happened when I went voice over IP (Internet Protocol) a year ago. But today, I finally severed my umbilical core with the POTS by terminating my home phone service.  

As a baby-boomer, I grew up with the POTS. It had always given me a sense of familiarity and reliability (the POTS used little electricity generated by the phone line that it would work even during a power failure).  However, two recent developments precipitated my decision.

As mentioned, I switched over to VOIP a year ago.  It did not occur to me until I lost internet connection (not power) during a thunderstorm,  that there was no dial tone on my home phone anymore.  My security blanket went out the window with the arrival of the VOIP technology.

And, secondly, I was getting increasingly annoyed by the number of SPAM calls at home.  They came furious. I could not keep up with the call blocking and had to resort to not answering the phone at all. It was the final straw. 

Now I have just one number – my cell.  The day when one phone number per person finally came for me.

Do you still have a home phone number?

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