“Bot Or Not”?

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As much as I like to think that I am unique and the same with my posts, I fear some bad news.

Here is my thought: the day will come when I no longer exist, and this blog is replaced by an artificial intelligent robot. Some may disagree – not with the proposition mind you but with its timing. Some like Bernard Marr who wrote in a Forbes article that the day is already here.

Yes! Marr points out that many media outlets are already generating content through AI. Outlets like the Associate Press, New York Times, and Washington Post.  The keys are data in a database and access, these machine generated articles do a remarkable job, equal to or better than human.

On this WordPress site, I have published close to three thousand postings. If WP chooses, it can generate the content like the one you’re reading using AI – all without me. Is that a scary thought or what?  Of course, it’s just my thought.  Fellow WP bloggers need not worry.

With so much contents generated on the social media, including fake news and echo chambers, one couldn’t help to be scrupulous. 

Could you tell the difference?  Be the judge and see for yourself at bot or not.

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3 Responses to “Bot Or Not”?

  1. V says:

    That’s kind of scary though.
    That a computer can write poetry like that.
    Computers are taking over.


  2. OmniRunner says:

    When I read something with poor English or absurd conclusions I wonder if a bot wrote it or someone from Fivr wrote the post.


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