And The Winner Is?

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Less than 50 days to election and, I could not honestly tell who will be our next president.  My dilemma has more to do with the identity crisis of the American people and less with the candidates themselves.

You see, Messrs. Biden and Trump are well defined (both are in their 70s and won’t change much). Borrowing the terms transformation (change) and restoration (status quo), Biden represents the coalition of  transformation and Trump, the coalition of restoration.

Each camp is courting their bases.  The tension between the coalitions are about the hearts and minds of the evolving demographics: white versus non-white, christian vs. non-christian, urban vs. non-urban, and so on. Naturally as the population shifts so do their values.

Not an easy calculus, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic looming large this year. What in play are the forty plus percent “Independent” voters.  As the process goes, these “Independents” will fall in line while the clock ticking closer to the election. But not before.

Do you think the Americans are fighting for their souls in this election?

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