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Phenology is a term I came across recently. Unfamiliar with the term, I looked it up.  And it  is the study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, especially in relation to climate and plant and animal life. The best part is that you can do it wherever you are.

Sort of like mindfulness meets Big Data. Observe natural patterns, document them, and notice how they have changed. No special equipment necessary. Other than your own sensors, a pen and paper are all you need to record the events.

Why phenology? You maybe wondering. Well, for starter, earth is the only planet we have, and two, its ecosystem is changing. Unfortunately for the worse. Thanks to our unique ability in destroying it.  Take the wildfire that is raging on the US West Coast for instance.

Not only has the fire destroyed over five million acres, we here on the East Coast felt its dust. Yes. Yesterday was supposed to be a sunny clear day in Washington DC. Except the blue sky was covered by a haze that resulted from the wildfire on the other side. 

The wildfire is a phenological event – its magnitude and impact are observable.  But it could be something smaller like the flowers in your backyard.  Did they bloom late, early, or not at all?  It would not take a rocket scientist to notice the changing patterns.

Have you noticed any difference in your surroundings? 

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