Second Wave

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Just when people starting to think life is getting back to normal, the Coronavirus is again  flaring up in Europe after a dip in June.  The weekly cases of infection has surged and surpassed the rate in March when the Covid-19 first peaked.

What is going on across the pond?  Will it expand to US?  are the types of questions pop into my head.  Of course no one knows the answers.  Except the fact that the pandemic is not under control yet.  My guess is that it won’t be until the vaccine is developed.

The thing is that this is the same pandemic, the same precautions of social distancing, hand hygiene, and face covering apply. What differs?  Nothing, other than people are letting their guards down.  Call it Covid-19 fatigue, FOMO (fear of missing out), or whatever.

This type of feeling is understandable and quite human.  Further when the weather starts to cool off, people will gather more indoor where the risk of infection is greater.   While seeking to restore the balance shouldn’t we be more vigilant and keeping our guards up?  

How would you celebrate Christmas this year?

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