Fighting Covid-19 Fatigue

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Fatigue is no stranger to marathoners. The endurance sport requires participants to prepare for the long haul – 26.2 miles. It a big part of the marathon training. What about the pandemic? It feels like a marathon. How does one cope with the Covid-19 fatigue?

First, maintaining social distancing does not mean social isolation. The Center for Disease Control & Prevention recommends 6 feet separation. Mask and hand hygiene also help preventing the spread. Social distancing does not replace social connection.

Two, having a goal and keeping the plans. A marathon is broken down into many smaller tangible goals with plans to accomplish each. Without vaccine, the Covid-19 feels endless. But it too shall pass. Set goals with baby steps with reward after each accomplishment, big or small.  So to keep putting one foot in front the other.

Three, practicing compassion toward self and others. Let’s face it. People are social beings and not meant to be alone like Robinson Crusoe. We need each others to share our intimate thoughts and feelings. Lend a hand when feasible. You may be on the receiving end one day.

And yes, coping with the Covid-19 fatigue means breaking old habits/ routines and taking on some new ones – things we did not have to do before. Be creative and flexible. If slaved to old routines that no longer serve, the fatigue will surely get you before you know it.

What strategy do you use to fight the Covid-19 fatigue?

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