The Twin Monsters

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On this third day of October, temperature hovers in the low 60’s for high’s. A mark that would not even make the summer low’s. But so be it. The season is moving on. Between reflexive shutters from the cold air, I taste the differences between summer and fall.

What else here is the influenza. Yes, the flu virus on top of the Coronavirus poses even greater risks for folks. But we get a break: At least, vaccines (flu shot) for the influenza are available, and face masks help reducing the risks from both.  

Further, in the midst of the double viruses, Mother Nature graces us with her color brush. With the falling temperatures, tree leaves are turning colors against a natural canvass. The result is a beautiful skyline accentuating the changing season. 

Whether the cup is half full or empty, life is not all doom and gloom. If Covid-19 fatigue is getting you down, may want to consider phenology for a change.  And remember to smell the roses.  

Are you ready for the flu season along with the Covid-19?

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