Week In Review – 4 Oct 2020

Not sure if it’s me or this unusual year, but a sharp contrast in the weather marks an abrupt transitions from summer to fall.  The United States I know has become divided America.  Our civility gone to chaos.  Maybe, because I did not have marathon this year, the transition feels like a jolt.

After consistently playing it down, Mr.Trump and the first lady caught the Coronavirus.  The news has shaken beyond his supporters and detractors.  It put our nation’s fragile ego to a test that we are not as strong as we think.  Meanwhile, our system’s credibility and leadership are being mocked around the world.

None more obvious of this awakening this week was the presidential debate.  Clearly, there was no winner from the episode. Not Biden nor Trump, not Democrat nor Republican, and not media nor American people. If anything, I learnt to letting it go.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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