Heavy Yoga Moments

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Body trembling, breath huffing and puffing, and sweat dripping down . . . 

No I am not running a marathon but practicing my yoga.  Yes, yes, I know. Those are not words  typically describe yoga. But they are exactly what I go through with my upper body strengthening yoga practice each time.

You see, yoga practice generally conjures up images of serenity, deep breathing, and smooth flow. Images associate with meditative, relaxed, and healing.  At least, they are what drew me to the practice in the first place.

Then as I get older, it becomes more critical to maintain muscle mass. And that’s why I do the upper body strengthening to complement my running. Except I don’t do it frequent enough to make the routine any easier (hence the heavy lifting each time). 

What is your yoga experience? “Heavy” yoga?

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