2020 – The Glass Half Empty?

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Year 2020 will be remembered long after it is done and out.  Mark my words.  Some feel it is a wasted year with the Corronavirus pandemic, lock-down, and socio-economic disruptions result from it.  A year to be written off.

I hold somewhat different opinions.

First, it is what it is.  We can’t change history.  Whatever happened happened.  Ask a tree does it care about how many folks have been killed by the Covid-19 or whether Donald Trump is doing a good job as US president? Does not matter. It is what it is.

Second, ask the same question to any human beings, the responses is bound to be different – way more visceral.  We are colored by our emotions and our beliefs. From die hard conservatives to ultra liberals, the differences allow politicians to push all the buttons.

Third, I choose to let it go, rather than getting worked up and bent out of shape.  To the extend of my circle of influences, I do my social distancing and vote. Simple as that.  I am not above the fray but do try to keep my emotions in check.

Fourth, other than the pandemic and Mr. Trump, plenty happenings abound.  Here at home, changing of the seasons highlighted by the skyline colors everywhere I see.  Piles of leaves crunched under the weight of my feet. And trees in the front leaned for me to trim.

No need be so quick to judge.  The year is not yet over. Why not embrace it so it does not have to be written off as a wasted year?

What’s your thought on this year?

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