Serving A Need

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My dentist is seventy years old.  Yes, that’s 7-0- years old and going strong.  I admire him for being at that age and still provide a service that satisfy a need (my needs for instance). When I turn 70, will I be able to claim the same? I hope so.

Because contribution is important to me. To me it determines my self worth and purpose.  I am not going to just kick back and “enjoy” life in my retirement.  I want to give my service in whatever fashion I can back to the community where I live.

The prerequisite of fulfilling such a mission is that I possess the ability and energy as long as I live.  Sure, I am not young as before.  But what I am lacking in youth and strength can be compensated by experience and skill.  I will keep finding that niche, just like my dentist.

Have you found your niche?  What need(s) are you serving?

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