On Sleeping Better – An Update

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Everything you do, you do better with a good night of sleep. ~ Dr. Michael Breus, Clinical Psychologist.

Dr. Breus is absolutely correct.  That is why he is the Sleep Doctor.  Especially during this time of the Coronavirus pandemic when we need our immune system at its tip top shape, poor sleep affects our immune system, according to the Mayo Clinic.

For me, my problem is with falling asleep.  Specifically, I have a hard time falling asleep even when my body is tired. That’s what led me to Dr. Breus’ masterclass on Better Sleep, an online course covering both the theory and practice of a good night sleep.

What I am learning is this:  many variables affect the pre-sleep routine from diet to bed confusion.  The one I am working on is the power-down routine.  Meaning, turning off all electronic devices an hour or two prior to my bed time – a transition for the mind to get ready for sleep.

Will it work?  I am sure it will.  This routine minimizes stimuli to the brain.  Allowing the active mind to wind down and be more in sync with the circadian rhythm.  I just need to discipline myself in executing this routine on a more consistent base.

Are you getting quality sleep?  Suggestions?

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