Week In Review – 11 Oct 2020

The US is seeing a rise in Coronavirus cases all across the regions.  According the CNN, Thursday reported the highest number of new cases in two months.  Many fear this the dreaded “Second Wave” of this pandemic.

Except, Mr. Trump continues to ignore the warnings and sow the seeds of chaos by personally spreading the virus.  His motives is obvious – re-election.  With 23 days to go, he will stir the pot as much as he needs to get attention at the expense of the country.

I thought that according Mr. Trump with respect and dignity of the Presidency might help him to become more presidential.  Unfortunately, that approach has not worked after four years in the White House. Mr. Trump will only worsen if he is re-elected.

In my view the jury is still out on the conclusion of 2020: The pandemic is far from being eradicated, the election is yet to happen, and the path to economic recovery is uncertain.  Too early to tell. Would I lose any sleep over it?  You bet. 

Nevertheless I will keep running, practice meditation and yoga.  They are my ways to maintain my balance and contribute to this wonderful planet we call home.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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