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Remnant of Delta, not the airline but the former hurricane turned tropical depression, is gracing our area today (the rain actually started last night). Wind guts and cooler temperatures preview the Mid-Atlantic winter making the stay-at-home more palatable.

Tonight, Mr. Trump is scheduled to host a campaign rally down south in Florida. I am glad. Not that I would go if it were held here in Washington DC. The White House has garnered the reputation of being a Superspreader site after last week’s fiasco.

I understand Mr. Trump’s motive but prefer to stay as far away as possible.  With the Covid-19 cases on the rise, why would anyone attend a mass event if they don’t want catching the Coronavirus? 

In our free country, we should not take our precious freedom for granted.  Just like the general election in 22 days,  we need to do our parts, so to keep it that way.

Have you decided on in-person versus mailing-in voting?

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2 Responses to Monday Muse

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I enjoy the ritual of going to the poll and have voted absentee once.
    This year I voted by mail in the primary and the general election.
    My family used the drop box at City Hall, it’s actually closer to us than the Post Office.
    Our state has a web site where you can track your ballot which was really cool.
    If anyone plans to vote by mail I would advise returning your ballot as early as possible. And if your state has a web site to monitor your ballot be sure to check it.
    My signature on my ballot was worse than usual, so I’ll be checking to make sure it was accepted by the City Clerk.


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