Calm Before The Storm

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With the election being 6 days away, there is an urge in me to jump into the presidential race update. But I am not going to do that. 2020 is unusual enough as is with the Covid-19. I will not mess it even more. Instead, today’s post is about the weather in Washington DC.

Thanks to Hurricane Zeta that is headed our way tomorrow, the weather at the nation’s capital is getting a serendipitous break.  Seizing this opportunity, I took a stroll in a nearby park after lunch.  Accompanied by a gentle breeze, the sun broke out from the cloudy sky  and warmed my cheeks and spirit.

Along the neatly kept walking path were pink and purple rose bushes against a lush green backdrop. I felt a sense of tranquility and calmness that is shared by other participants who mostly wearing face covers like I was. A fine Fall day through and through.

The irony of the calm before the storm was not lost on me.  I couldn’t help but draw a parallel with the upcoming election – so much pressures and tensions waiting to be released.  And god forbid if the process goes awry.

How do you feel about the forecast in where you are?



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