Happy Halloween 2020

Halloween has joined other novel life events of 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Above is guidance from my local government on how to celebrate this occasion safely. I appreciate the recommendations and have a feeling that something similar will be applicable to the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year to come.

First, it is a guidance, not the end-of-the-world. People can choose to celebrate it however they want.  Nevertheless, this guidance is useful including offering some safe and fun ideas as alternatives.  So young children will not be at a total lost.

Two, it recognizes that the Covid-19 is not under control.  In fact, the daily new cases is on the rise.  9.4 millions have been infected in the US alone.  We have much work to do from eradicating it.  Now is not the time to get frustrated nor let our guards down.

Three, it signifies that despite how miserable the Covid-19 has disrupted our lives, we are not alone.  The government is engaged, honest, and trying to help.  Anyone pretends the Coronavirus will be gone soon is misinformed.

Lastly, before wrapping up the Halloween tonight, remember to set your clock back. Daylight saving time ends 2 AM tomorrow morning.

Boo, got any fun and safe ideas of your own? 

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