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My Covid-19 Tests

  I have had two Covid-19 tests thus far. Both times the result was negative (i.e. good). Although, a negative test result does not rule out the possibility of Covid-19, it nevertheless gives me great comfort and a huge relief. … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 29 Nov 2020

  November is drawing to a close.  Same as the US presidential election although Mr. Trump still refuses to concede. The electors (of the electoral college) will meet per the US Constitution in 15 days (on December 14, 2020) to … Continue reading

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Knowledge & Skills

  Knowledge and skills do not go hand-in-hand necessarily.  Knowledge can be acquired relatively easy now-a-day with the help of internet.  Skills on the other hand takes time, or more precisely experience, to hone.  Preferably the relevant experience. The famed … Continue reading

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  Evolution happens in concert with the environment over time. The driving force behind our evolution is illustrated by Darwin’s survival of the fittest.  And it has governed the  human progress for more than 200,000 years.  Getting to where we … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

  “What is to happy about?” Some grumbles. Let me see: I am still running, blogging, and optimistic about the future Covid-19 case albeit on the rise, the vaccines are on the way Economy is hurting but eventually we will … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Eve 2020

  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble.  But like other trends this year, the Thanksgiving feels different. Overriding factor is the rising cases of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Public health officials are urging people to stay put, forego family gathering and minimize … Continue reading

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New Mask Rules

  Finally, I got a sport mask for running.  You see.  I have resisted wearing a mask while running for a while. Don’t get me wrong. I am not  anti-mask. Just when I run, I seldom come into contact with … Continue reading

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Radicalization Of America

  I used to think the term “radicalization” was referring to a small number of astray individuals who were influenced by extreme groups, such as the terrorists, in joining their causes.  I stand corrected. It is way more prevalent. The … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 22 Nov 2020

  On the week before the Thanksgiving, to some it may seem there is little to be thankful for at this time in America. Coronavirus is raging with close to a quarter of the the US infections reported in this … Continue reading

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Finding Joy

  Finding joy shouldn’t be hard, if we know where to look. For me that is running. It is something I can easily do in just about anywhere. And after each run I am always glad of  my accomplishment. Of … Continue reading

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