Transition Time

With the media grabbing “transition” as the headline news, personally I think it is more important for the President-elect to focus on the bigger strategic picture: how to unify the country.  Why do I say that?

You see, the transition will happen.  In fact, it’s happening as Biden putting together his transition team, the Coronavirus Task Force, and so on.  For all we know that Trump and the Republicans may never concede. Why dwelt on it.  Best to use the time on what he can control.

In putting together his plan, Biden must address the 70+ million votes that went to Trump, and what he needs to do to win these people over. Appointing the 13-member Coronavirus Task Force is a good start as virus is apolitical and critical.

Other problems such as the economy, racial tension, and climate change are much more complex and require coordination outside of the Executive Branch. Meaning they are not solvable by Executive Orders alone. Now is the time to figure them out.

Do you think the President-elect is moving in the right direction?

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