“Have Fun”?

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A simple greeting that I find missing is the phrase: “Have Fun.”  Is joy out of fashion? Hardly. It is one of the fundamental emotions we have. But to share such a simple greeting seems insincere in this day and age.

Shortly after waking up this morning, the overcast sky started to drizzle.  It continued throughout the morning and the rest of day. A gloomy, wet, and dreary day on top of everything else. I suppose it is not a problem to have fun if you‘re a duck.  

If you are human, chances are Coronavirus is wiping out lots of joy from your life wherever you‘re. And if you happened to be in the US, the ripple effect of the recent presidential election for sure will sack your enthusiasm about how democracy works.

It is becoming clear that a week later the Republican party is rallying around Mr. Trump in decrying the election process as being legal or fair. Of course I have no problem if serious allegations exist and be investigated, so to assure the integrity of the process.

Otherwise, it is more like sore losers complaining about their favorite team lost because the referees was unfair. A week later!  Yes, I do believe all these will be sorted out.  And the long arc of history bends toward justice.  I just don’t know how long that will take.

So where is the fun to be had?

Are you having fun wherever?

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