Social Distancing, A Misnomer?

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With the Coronavirus cases on the rise, lockdown and social distancing are once again the focuses of public attention. One lesson learned is that “social distancing” is misleading and has unintended consequences. Allow me to explain.

The social distancing suggests really physical distancing – the separation between individuals to prevent the spread of the virus. 6 feet is the common recommended distance.  When infeasible, other physical barriers like Plexiglas, face shield, and mask are used as stand-in in its place.

The objective is to stop the transmission of the virus.  Certainly, each individual can adjust the recommendation more or less to suit his or her needs. For example double masking. But important to note that social distancing does not imply social isolation.

In fact, social connection is important for humans and particularly crucial during the pandemic. We need the support from one another during this unusual time to fight the Covid-19. Not isolation.  Misinterpreting can lead to depression, conflicts, and a host of other unintended consequences.

How are you keeping your physical distance?

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