Word Of The Day: Precarity

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noun [pri-ˈker-ə-tē]

a state of existence in which material provision and psychological wellness are adversely affected by a lack of regular or secure income. [Dictionary.com]

This is a word I learnt recently.

The rise in Covid-19 cases once again triggers tighter restrictions on business activities in terms of curfew, capacity control, and physical distancing.  These measures affect the business’ bottom-line. And the logical choice besides bellying up is in labor cuts. 

Particularly airline, hospitality, entertainment, small business, restaurant and bar workers, they are feeling the impact hardest during the pandemic.  Without government help, unemployment benefits will run out shortly.  A problem that will not go away soon.

Moreover, material insecurity caused by a run on the daily essentials and empty store shelves is back. The result is a deficit in our mental health. Anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses are casualties in addition to crowded hospitals.

A word to the wise: Precarity is real and worth paying attention to.  If self-care is not working or situations is overwhelming, seek help.

Have you noticed any symptoms within your community?

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