On Being Chronic

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Being chronic has a connotative association to things negative.  Chronic disease, chronic worrying, chronic illness . . . Whatever the situation, being chronic implies a long term happening that will wear us down.  It saps our energy, choice, or worse, motivation.

Well, the Coronavirus pandemic has been with us for 8  to 10 months depend on where you live. It is chronic, and we are not even close to eradicating it.  Fatigues are setting in, and infection cases are mounting.  Serious enough that it contributed to Mr. Trump losing his re-election.

How do we deal with chronic conditions?  What options do we have so we may come out ahead if only incrementally?  One possibility I believe is to turn the problem around and use it to achieve the desired outcome (i.e. applying the same long term strategy to combat the situation).

Case in point: cultivate positive habits that serve us.  Self care in the Covid-19 case.  Like running a marathon, one’s stamina comes from good health, nutrition, exercise, and positive mental energy. We need to make taking care of ourselves and our love ones a top priority.  If nothing else, it serves as a motivation to focus on.

Personally, I am working on being a chronic healthy sleeper:  taking my time on developing pre-bedtime routines that are conducive to a good night sleep. Because good sleep is a force multiplier that  has multitude benefits of providing energy, awareness, and recovery.

What options do you have in view of the tightened restrictions due to the Covid-19?


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