Wind Chill

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Outdoor person I am not, other than I do run outdoor.  Running brings me various exposures to people, places, and things.  Therefore, I appreciate the options to traverse outdoor.  Everywhere I visit, if possible, I lace up and explore while running.

In the Mid-Atlantic where I am, the weather is Autumn with leaf changing colors and temperature dropping.  Neither poses a problem for me.  That is until the wind kicks up. Then the dynamic changes completely.

With wind, the cooling air becomes bone chilling cold.  Wind chill is by definition the rate of heat loss from exposed skin caused by wind. As the wind speed increases, it takes heat away from the body, lowers skin temperature and eventually the internal body temperature.

Take today for instance. The wind is blowing at 10 mph (miles per hour).  Outside temperature is 40 degree Fahrenheit, but the windchill makes it actually feel like 30 degree on exposed skins.  A whopping 10 degree difference between in a car versus out walking.

So the obvious solution is to bundle up before I run. But there lies the trade-off.  Running gears like hat, gloves, face muffler, etc. add to my sail area and increase  the air drag or resistance on my body. Not to mention sweating which can lead to dehydration.

Are you a outdoor person?

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