The Dignity of Mr. Trump And The Presidency

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Mr. Trump’s behaviors post election speaks volume about who he is.  But he could do better toward a win-win outcome if he considers more the dignity of his presidency than just himself.

It has become patently clear that the former part is giving ways to the man himself.  Mr. Trump only cares about himself.  Maybe the title of the celebrity president is justified in that Mr. Trump never took the position seriously – only to the extend of what he can get out of it.

America is hurting.  Over quarter of a million Americans have died from the Coronavirus with more to come as weather getting colder and family gatherings for the holidays. Mr. Trump’s denial on the inevitable election result achieves nothing but a lose-lost for him and the country.

Namely with each day slips by, hindrance of a democratic transition to the President-elect, delay of the preparation for the vaccine distributions, and saddest of all, more lives lost. Had Mr. Trump been more considerate, he could turn the history around. He could

  • unify the country (after all he has 72 million supporters)
  • rebuild democracy, starting with the transition of government operations
  • solidify his place in American history in a more constructive light

Any chance that you think Mr. Trump will change his mind?

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1 Response to The Dignity of Mr. Trump And The Presidency

  1. OmniRunner says:

    He wants to win re-election but he has given up on finishing his current term and being President.
    He hasn’t had a security briefing in months, in months!
    He finally gave one press briefing on the CORONA virus after weeks of nothing.
    If he wanted another 4 years he would be fighting for the next support packaged for the unemployed and soon to be unemployed.
    It’s obvious he knows he lost and has already given up. Calling it “senior-itus” would be giving him too much credit.

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